boot·strapnoun, adjective, verb, -strapped, -strap·ping.

1.a means of advancing oneself or accomplishing something:–adjective

2.relying entirely on one's efforts and resources.

3.self-generating or self-sustaining: a bootstrap process. –verb (used with object)

  1. help (oneself) without the aid of others:—Idiom

  2. 5.a kick @$$ brewery in Niwot, CO!



Bootstrap Brewing in Niwot, CO (Boulder County) was founded by local residents Leslie and Steve Kaczeus. They both left the high-tech industry to follow their dream of creating an adventurous craft brewery dedicated to producing a wide range of high quality ales and lagers.  The brewery opened its doors on June 20th 2012 claiming solstice as a birthday and anniversary.

Steve who is a Mechanical Engineer and Program Manager by training, was an avid home brewer for over 20 years and graduated from the American Brewer’s Guild in the summer of 2011.  Leslie’s background is in marketing. In the short time since opening, they have laid down a set of award winning beers and have begun to brew fantastic classic beers and exciting seasonals including bold fruit and spice infused beer.

Our goal is simple – we want to make really great beer and have a lot of fun. We also love to rock out and our beer enjoys the best classic rock 24 hours a day which is why it’s so happy and delicious!  Did you notice that we have music pairings with our beer?


We are a production brewery with a tasting room. We are not a restaurant and do not serve food however on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, chef Justin of the Niwot Market sells delicious small plates in the tasting room. 

On other days, there are many amazing restaurants in Niwot of which, several deliver to our tasting room or you are welcome to bring your own food if you super duper pinky swear promise to clean up after yourself :) 


No.  Our manufacturing license allows us to sell our own beer.  No outside alcohol is every permitted on premise.


Mellow, non-aggressive dogs are welcome on the patio but must be on leash at all times.


Bootstrap Brewing participates in many charity related festivals and events.  We know that you’re super passionate about your charity and they are all worthy however because of our size we are just not able to support every request that comes across our desk and we hope you understand.  If you would like us to consider your event, please send an email to info @ with the following information.  Please note that we cannot contribute to organizations involving minors.

- Name of organization
- 501(c)(3) permit number
- Date of the event
- Number of attendees
- Description of how Bootstrap will benefit
- Specific product requested


On behalf of the Bootstrap Brewing staff, we hope you enjoy your visit and will return again soon with many friends and family.

Cheers! Prost! Egészségedre! A Votre Sante! Salute!

SláinteRódhañi pí máñi!   Na zdrowie!    Salud!    Skål!

Steve, Bob, Leslie and Lesly